Company Profile


  IMA Life (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., a young and dynamic company located in Shanghai

Qingpu Industry Zone.It is an extremely professional company with extensive experience in designing,manufacturing, marketing, selling and servicing pharmaceuticalaseptic liquid and powder filling lines, including washing machines,

sterilizing tunnels, liquid & powder filling machines and capping machines. IMA Life (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

 has achieved considerable success in both local and overseas markets; in 2012, IMA Life (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
 has joined IMA Group.  Having IMA for a strong technical support and tecnology transfer, IMA Life (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

 has upgraded some generations of new products and will continue dedicating in long term R&D investment. Temporary, with IMA's international management system and over world sales network. IMA Life (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is going to obtain a rapid devolepment in Chinese market and oversea,  having more powerful image in the pharmaceutical field. 

   We hope Tianyan's development will feed back soon in our customers with good quality of products and better service.